Need the Size of Pivot Shaft Nut

The nut on the swingarm pivot shaft on my '09 YZ450 seems to have worked its way off.  Anyone know what thread/pitch it is?  Hoping I can just replace it with one from the local hardware store (without having to pull the shaft and bring it with me) and save a trip to the dealership.  Might try a nyloc locking nut if I can find one the right size. 

It's an M16 x 1.5.


You're going to waste a lot of time snooping around hardware stores for that, I would imagine.  Also, it doesn't need a lock nut to stay tight, just to be tightened.  You could use a little blue LocTite, but it's generally unnecessary. 

Thanks Gray. Sounds like I'll just have to get one from the dealer.

Order the washer for it, too, if that's missing. 

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