2005 Fork cap

I have been searching high and low for more info regarding a replacement fork cap that the PO destroyed.  Short of paying a fortune at the stealers, are there any aftermarket options available.  I cannot adjust the one fork, even though someone tried to repair it.


Any ideas?

Not sure what listings you are looking at, or, for that matter, what model your bike is, as you didn't mention it, but while the picture in their catalog shows three variations of the caps for open bath forks, the listings include all models.  


My copy shows #110060003501 for the '05 YZ450F.


110060002801 for the '05 WR, which is the open bath cartridge fork. 

I did a Google search on the part number and found what you were referring too.  Thanks for your efforts.  The part is listed at a higher price than OEM.  I guess it is just a pricey part.  I will keep looking for secondhand.

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