Should I buy spare parts bike?

I recently purchased a pristine 09 yz450 and plan on keeping it for a long time cause it's all the bike I need. So my question is my buddy just gave up on his 07 yz450 and said he'd sell it to me for 650$. It has brand new cases, crank, jug, piston and head. He rode it once for about a hour after rebuild then it lost spark and is just fed up with it and bought a new bike. Forks leak shocks leak but that's not a biggie. So what do u guys think? Is it worth it? And are the forks and shock on a 07 the same as 09 cause it would be worth setting em up for woods and having two sets for mx and woods to swap would be nice. Thanks

An 07 YZ450F for $650? I'd buy it. You could probably get it running again and fix the leaky forks and shock and still be under $1000 total into the bike. Keep it or turn around and sell it for a profit.


Sometimes its just fun to have a project bike as well.

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I'm gonna go for it, what the hell.

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