OEM Cam Chain

Is there any reason I shouldn't replace the cam chain on my 2011 YZ450 with the OEM cam chain.  Only reason I'm asking is because the OEM chain is only $22, and the aftermarket chains range from $40-$70.  Typically with OEM you don't get such a deal.  I would assume that it is the same or better quality than aftermarket. 

OEM is OEM I try to use most all OEM stuff unless something has nearly proven itself better. Which is rare.

+1 unless their is a known quality or history issue.  My Thai built Kawi had a crappy oem chain.

I've always used oem cam chains with no issue. Spend the extra money on something else.

At least one of the $60 cam chains is the exact same chain that Yamaha sells.   There is no reason not to use the OEM chain.

Thanks for the info.  Just wanted to make sure there weren't any quality issues with the OEM chain.  

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