Tire Change with Two Rim Locks

While this problem isn't specific to the WR450, I struggle each and every time I attempt to change the back tire on this beast. I know some of the difficulty stems from the stiff sidewall of the Maxxis IT Desert and Bridgestone X30 tires I use, but it seems like dual rim locks play a part since I can't sink the bead into the rim as with other bikes. 


I have watched a dozen videos on various methods to change dirt bike tires, and have become fairly proficient on changing front tires, as well as the rear tires on all my bikes - except this one. I use ample lube, 5 different lengths and types of tire irons, tire change stand, and no longer change this tire without a second set of hands. The process still takes far too long, and I have the same struggles each and every time.


What are you guys doing that I'm missing? I'm looking for any suggestions that will help make changing the rear tire on this demon a bit easier.

My solution was to do away with one of the rim locks....prob not much help but i couldnt master it with 2 of them

Use a motion pro rim lock and you will only need one

The bikes usually only come with one. We use two. But if your not doing extreme riding or hill climbing with a 140/80 IRC M5B having 3 psi you should be able to eliminate one. However the answer to doing two is putting the tire as far into the valley of the rim on the opposite side your working on.

After struggling with the initial tire change, I realized that I was hanging onto tires past their expiration date because I just didn't want to face two rim locks again. Thanks for the advice, I'll gladly ditch the second rim lock.

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