Wanted: Left Radiator for 2000 426

I Was racing yesterday, and some idiot jumped right into me while I was in the air. It totally knocked me sideways, and I took a soil sample. It totally crushed my left radiator, the funny thing is it didn't even leak. At least I could race the second moto. The bike is a 2000 YZ426. Anyway if anyone has a left radiator let me know. Also, will any other years work with the 2000. Thanks John

[ March 11, 2002: Message edited by: YZFcrash ]


Give Mr. Myler of Myler's Motorcycle Radiator Repair a call first. He can work wonders on radiators just like Pacific Crest Pipe Repair can totally repair a pipe. Mr. Myler has been repairing m/c radiators and oil coolers since 1990 and he done a fantastic job on smashed and bent radiators for me.

His number is 1-800-367-7699

He's located in West Jordon, UT and has a very quick turn around time.

Thanks very much for the info. I will give him a call Again thanks, John

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