yz426 has very little compression

I can kick it over all the way no problem very fast, shimed valves and checked valve seats, with the calve cover off and cams removed i slowely kicked it through the compression cycle and hear it in the timing case, however it brand new wiesco piston and rings also has brand new topend kit and jug is clean, what in the &%$#@! clould this be it blows my mind havent got the bike to run yet what should i do put it back togther and run it with this superlow compression or whats going on?

Since no one else has replied I will take a stab at this. I read on some other thread that if you kick it over without oil in it, it will act like it has no compression. But if you put the oil in and kick it a few times to let the pressure build up that the compression will get back to normal. So since you just changed the piston, have you refilled the oil? I could be way off on that though.

Did you add an auto decompression cam?

Is the decompression lever jammed? Cable adjusted properly?

Could be several issues, but i would first confirm that the valve timing is right.

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