Calling Texas MX'ers

This weekend looks to be another good one for riding. Go figure, since the last race was in sub-freezing temps! And this past saturday was horrendously windy, it caused me to go down hard on the finish line jump, I hit my head hard on the ground and was seeing double for a bit, and still have a mild headache from the event! (mild concussion it would seem).

Let's hit VP in Floresville for some ripping MX action on a fast track of natural terrain, with some challenging and man made (but safe) jumps. Like the 4th gear 110+ foot double stepdown, the 70 foot-ish 3rd gear double stepdown, some killer 4th gear whoops, and some more 2nd gear SX style whoops, only smaller! Track is natural red clay base that wears well but gets nice and rough, and is about 2:30 long lap times for an average rider. Good way to get in race mode for next weekends Houston SX!!!!

C'mon out Brandon! You too Brad! Any other takers?

[ March 11, 2002: Message edited by: therapture ]

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