Recent Ride Pics

Great pics! Looks like you guys were having a great time!

Sure wish our weather was that nice... :)

Good pics and funny video. :D Where in Kentucky was that hill climb in the video? :)


The hillclimb was in Casey County Kentucky. A friend of ours at the bike shop owns about 200 acres and across the road from him is about 2000 acres of private property with alot of fire roads and such. About 6-8 miles of decent trails and few good jumps and hills here and there. Since Livingston was closed he invited about 20 folks to go riding on New Years Day (We'd been going to Livingston on New Years Day for about the last 20 years).

We plan on doing Red Bird this spring. Let me know if you head that way. Also went to S-Tree on President's Day . . . a last minute thing once I learned my son was out of school.

Going to Eagle Creek in Owen County, KY to race a hare scramble next weekend. Got a new VE-33 on the rear and am set to race the vet class! Haven't raced in over 7 years . . . should be fun . . . looking forward to the Sparta GNCC on May 2nd!

We need to hook up and ride sometime!

C ya!

Cool pictures, thats some nice country :)

Nicely done!!!

Looked like a Green bike did not make it up the hill on the video, better luck next time :D


I was invited to that ride. My son in law made it and many of my riding buddies from the shop and around. I overslept! Back to dial up and couldn't see the hill climb. My son in law , Bo, bent his head pipe up climbing some hill that ride, going air borne and winding up in a tree. This happen to be the hill on video? Give us a PM when you hit Red Bird. I'm due for a long ride. Red Bird would fit the bill nicely!

Yep! Bo was there. That was him in the QT movie on YZ450F who didn't quite make it to the top. The other bike that didn't make it was a RM250 . . . Bo has been riding with us once down at our property. Our trails are tight and the gearing on that YZ450F makes it tough on him.

We'll all need to get together for Red Bird!

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