wotsit worth? wrz426 2002

thinking of trading up to an 04 model, mine has yz plastic (still has headlite) yz timing etc, mostly stock otherwise. only has 840 miles on it. anybunny know what its wurf? :)

Hey Limey, know why nobodys answering you? cause the words out that you are thinking of going red. :)


Ah from the looks of your reply it must be true. :)

Hey limey , Let me know if your bike is up for sale. I have a friend who is in the market.

u sellinit, what condition is it in, is it a good trail bike?

id wanna jump it, can its suspension handle that, and my 230 lbs weight, and how much u want for it?

oh, is it fast?

i got the yz plastic off a 2000, so its not as new as the bike, its in good shape, few scratches, mechanically its great, kicks As$ actually. i was drag racing down at cainville, i beat everybody. (except one bad start) 03 yz450, 01 cr500, 00 426, etc etc.

i gots witnesses too.

it has race tech rear suspension, though youd need a stronger spring for 230lbs. i weigh 190, and im at the top of the weight range for the stock spring. i left the front alone, its great as is.

if ya'll are interested, e-mail me directly at thelimeyone@juno.com, or call 801-451-0290 dont know how much to ask, im not greedy, fair price is all i ask. gonna buy a new bike, unsure what though. (yamarichey im only thinking of the honda, ive had yamas since i was a kid)

I just picked up an 02 wr426. Less than 20 hrs, pro tapers, works connection rad and frame guards, e series with head pipe, hand guards, clarke tank and flat seat, Eibach yz springs, $4100.

This I'd say is the low end of the scale (for my area).

Pick up a cycletrader or look online to get a ballpark.


ok dudes, you can all relax, i just bought a new 04 yzf 450 from a dealer in wisconsin for 5600 delivered.

is yamarichey happy yet??

asking 3999, has a few goodies, doubach hot start, frame guards, seal savers, etc

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