My headlight bulbs keep blowing.

Hi guys first time using thumper talk with a new topic. Have learnt alot off here.

So my headlight bulbs keep blowing started few months ago. I bought a new rectifier that seemed to solve the problem then a week later they blowing again. I dont want to go and spend more on another rectifier for it just to blow again.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

P.s i havent got a standard headlight its a universal one off ebay.





lighting equipment

Bad ground

Bad ground and you'll probably need another new reg/rec once you find and fix the bad ground.

Yamaha WR 450 2004

I dont have clocks but has alot of hours on it. I have posted a pic of my headlight also. Before i changed my rec last time i stripped the bike checking all grounds. Some people have told me it could be my stator is that right? ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1456401097.655936.jpg

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