White smoke

Well long story short, Blew my piston, used my old piston with the old gaskets from my old motor. I am getting oil smelling smoke out of the exhaust. Looks white but I smell oil. 


I just ordered a new set of head gaskets and I am going to use my old rings off of my old piston. Any other suggestions that might be causing this? 


my old motor did do the same thing before I threw a timing chain and killed the head.  so I am narrowing it down to the 2 items i reused (duhhh) The gaskets still look good and the piston as well. Going to take this thing apart tomorrow. Just wanted an extra set of eyes. 


2007 yz450f

Hours on motor - A shit ton

3rd piston, 2nd motor and cylinder. 

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You cannot reuse the head or base gasket. That's probably all of your issues of white smoke (burning coolant).

This can all be summed up with a simple phrase: use new stuff. Seriously. And confirm the cylinder is within specs.

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