header pipe fix?

I recently put a dent in my dsp ti header pipe, aprox 2"x 1"x 1/4" deep.Anybody had any expierence in repairing dents like this?(I'm worried because the metal is so thin).

I also sent a badly crimped and cracked pipe to Pacific Crest Pipe repair. They couldn't get it 100% straight and "to their standards" so they returned it, no charge for either the shipping or the fix. It was definitely good enough for me and I argued with Bret that I'd pay at least 1/2 of the fix and shipping but he'd have none of it.

Great guys to do business with IMHO.



I tried to send my own bent YZ426 headpipe to Pacific Crest. Unfortunately they told me that they can not fix headers if they are bent and if they are stainless steel. If they are titanium it's ok though.

So as I result I had to pay postage fees to send it and Pacific Crest also had me pay for sending it back, even though it said on their FAQ that they can fix header pipes.

criss, I had the same dent, right at the bend of my pipe where it comes out of the head. I have a stock Ti header for the 450. I went with the Motomans setup and it was a 100% Success. I used Map gas instead of propane. Besides a slight discoloration you wouldn't know I had a big dent in the pipe.

What do you think would happen if I tried Motoman393's fix on a ceramic coated header like the Big Gun? Would the coating flake? Anyone done this?

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