what handguards for my WR??????

i am looking at ordering some acerbis rally2 handguards for my 02 wr,and am wondering how they fit,or if anybody has any suggestions to better products.


Those are exactly what I put on my 02 WR 426, and I would recommend them to anyone. Not only do they look great but their function is awesome also.

I put on some of them woodsblasters on and they bent on my first crash! :naughty:

the only modification i needed to do was cut out a little square chunk for it to fit over the brake resevoir on my '05 WR, but my uncle has an '01 YZ 426 and didnt need to do anything to his handguards. but i have been happy with them so far, dumped the bike twice straight on them, and they are holding up strong.

I use acerbis rally hand gaurds on my 01 wr 426. I love em :naughty:

One vote AGAINST the acerbis rally hand guards; bent my left one going down in the SAND last weekend, had to pull it off before I could ride again as it pinned my clutch lever open.

Has anyone here run both the EE and Cycra? The EE are cheaper...

I run Cycra Probends on my 250X and just ordered them for my WR450. They seem bulletproof on my X. I've hit trees with them and no problems. First ride on the new 450 and I was wishing I had them (hooked a small tree once that almost spun me around).

So - what's with Acerbis Rally2 - do they fit on WR 400/426 2002 or not? It seems WR 2002 and newer has a different brake reservoir and because of this, mounting problems are often.

OleFortThumper says they are ok, freestyle250 said something about cutting out "a little square chunk" to fit (which is probably not a good idea, because you can damage the brake reservoir with the handguards!), and bonecrusher69 mentioned not fitting and modiying ... :naughty:

I'm considering Acerbis Rally 2 as an option because it's the only thing you can get in EU - among the brands you mention in this thread (EE, Tusk, Cycra, ...). Ordering from US would double the price - and yet I'm not sure if I the damn thing yould really fit without "cutting out a little square chunk" :D:naughty:

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