Yz426f ac regulator? Wrf stator

Hi been away awhile now finishing winter project. Have read over and over again all info on here and other places about Yzf lighting. I've got Wrf stator and flywheel have cut pink wire and taped off the end attached to stator plate and have the end attached to connector block ready to ground to my frame were coil bolts onto it. I'm going to run universal polisport twin halogen headlight with 35w bulbs currently in it and universal stop/tail light (haven't found it yet) but no battery. My main question is do I need a regulator fitted somewhere in that or would that be straight away link it up and that's it? I haven't fitted the stator plate yet or removed old 1 just wanna make sure everything first. Thanks for the help as usual keep us riding.

Edited by philsyzf426

Anyone help me here? Grey racer any chance of helpful info 1 last time to finish my rebuild?

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