Boyesen powershot and powerwing for '06 wr450?

Thoughts, opinions please?

If your intension is performance and making your bike run right do yourself a favor and send your carb to Zipty racing. Get all the mods done including an adjustable leak jet. You don't and won't need the fooner wing.

I appreciate the reply. To give a little background: I got the bike used maybe a couple years ago now. I assume the build might've been done with ThumperTalk research. Port/polish, wire mod, throttle stop mod, airbox mod, emissions delete. Has Dr.D titanium. Even has the Guts seat I see recommended on here. In my opinion this bike is wicked, gobs of power, I love it. The only complaint I have is that if She sits for a period of time, weeks+ it's hard to start initially and backfires when it does start. Only after sitting though, otherwise it runs super. But like most of Us, I'm always looking at the upgrades. A friend speaks highly of the powershot He put on his crf250r and I saw the flapper thing while searching for those. I currently run 13/50 in the dirt. It is Street legal and I have yet to settle on what dualsport gearing I want to run.

It took me a while to figure out the best way to start my 06 after sitting a while. Best I found....

Open peacock before I push her outside, twist throttle 2 times real quick. No holding it open, just quick twists. And crank her. If it's above 65'ish I leave the choke off. Under that I pull the choke before but shut it off within a few seconds usually.

I know that might not be your issue though. But might help somehow

I've noticed it does start easier after a couple twists. I also tried leaning it over and letting the gas move around in the carb, some will leak out overflow. Now this is only after bike has been sitting for awhile. Other than that, no issues ever. IMO She's a monster. I can't even imagine how good a new one is

There is no properly tuned bike that runs well on a cold start. When the bike sits for several days the fuel in the bowl will be too low unless the petcock is left on. Doesn't sound like you've got any problem BUT I've got a Boysen power shot sitting unused. PM me if you want it. It will help if you are twitchie on the throttle and don't want any hesitation.

You are better off putting in a fresh slide plate seal, needle jet, and appropriate needle.

The wing creates as many problems as it solves.

Anyone have any experience with this:



Never had one break but they do wear down over time.    Seems like a good item to add to the replace list along with

the seal, needle jet, etc...


This is half the price of OEM and he claims it is better...


Early slant type FCR carbs had plate issues.

That ended in 2003

Usually the slide bore is shot by then

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