Rebuilding My 99 WR400

Hi guys I was thinking of posting a PIC by PIC rebuild of my WR if you are interested let me know and I will try and do a good documentation of it. :D

I have just sprayed my frame it looks the mutts nuts. :)


this is my bike after half a days work, it is coming along nicely (it looks like new) :):D


looks good. Keep the pics coming. :)

This is the next stage. Tomorrow I will run it for the first time (on the stand) to make sure the engine runs fine. I have to wait to Wednesday before I can put the swingarm on because I ordered the bearings and the should arrive then hopefully. I also checked the Speedo hub and its broken so I also have to order one of those. I think I will get the bike done by Sunday if all my parts arrive. :):D :D


I can't wait to get the swingarm bearings, it's nearly done :)


I hope it fits through the door when your done (just kidding).Looks good. :)

I haven't done much to day after work. All I did was replace the rear wheel bearings and put a new rear tire on the wheel, it took me all evening to put that F#@*$%^ piece of rubber on a round bit of aluminum. :D never mind there is allways tomorrow :)

Tires can be a real pain when they are not good and warm.I did my sons today and I was having grief. :)

yeh, i am interested...


Well, today I started on the swingarm bearings. I looked in the bag of bits I got from my dealer only to find that there is 2 bearings, 2 seals, 2 washers and a bush missing from the whole kit. IM not very pleased but I'll just have to go to the dealer tomorrow and order these parts again. I also looked on the ticket and they are not on there so I don't have to pay for them twice. it is going to take at least another week to receive these parts.

I put the tank on quickly just to start it and hear what the new pipe sounds like.

It's Brutal !!! :):D :D

P.S. I will post some more pics soon

You better ride it soon. :)

Just a reminder that bearings are available here in the TT store -substantially cheaper than the dealer - and complete kits... not having to order the bits and pieces individually or one at a time...

Good luck, keep the pics and updates coming...


The parts are on there way, so I can't do much to the swingarm yet.

I decided to change the cam timing to YZ timing but that went wrong and now it runs worse. so I checked the timing marks and cam lobes, every thing seems to be in order but it just won't run right and it takes about 20 kicks to start it. :)

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