Questons RE: 16' 450FX




What Krannie said, great post!

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I checked the fluid when it was new and I'm 99% sure it was full. I recall it having green coolant I believe. It did get hot on me once when we got off trail and had to trail blaze a bit. I'll mess with it tonight and see if it's leaking. Think it would be a good idea to change the rings and piston now or could I get away with holding off until 50-75 hours? I've had a lot of bikes and never had this issue but you live and learn I guess.

Any other suggestions please lmk, they're much appreciated. I'll report back with what I find.



Did you end up with a conclusion on this?


I've been window watching the 450fx for bit now, and was just wondering if it was a potential issue or more of a "house settling in" deal. :unsure:          

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