yz450 conversion

i recently purchased a 04 wr450f and i am very unhappy with the power. i tried to trade in the bike to get a crf450 but they would only give me 4000 for it and i did not want to take that much of a loss.is a fully modded wr450f faster or as fast as the yz450 on the track.i made a mistake and bought this bike and now i need a good track bike that can keep up with the 250s and wanna know how much it will cost to get me there and a list of parts and prices if available.Thanks for your time.

The WR will keep up with the 250's after the free mods are done. Have you done these? In other words what have you done to the bike so far?

Something to remember speed on a bike is mostly rider.

Exhaust, airbox mod, & jetting will make that thing run!!!

Mine works GREAT!!, but I just race harescrambles, GPs & enduros.


actually i have not done any free mods or mods period.do they make that big of a difference?and does the yz cam mod make a big difference?are they both very noticible differences?

The throttle stop mod. will make a big difference. The stock YZ-F throttle stop(CHEAP) is available at your Yamaha dealer. I would also either change the exhaust or put in a GYT-R insert. And of course do the FREE mods.




A lot of people are dissappointed initially with their WR when they first get them from the shop, but trust us, after you do the free mods and put an exhuast on that baby it will be like night and day. I have the 03 YZ450 exhuast cam in my 426 and I love it. Some people prefer WR timing, some people prefer YZ timing, it comes down to personal preference. But don't give up on your bike just yet....I think after unplugging that thing you'll be much happier with it.


I will do that then,I just orderd a fmf factory 4 exhaust and power bomb header.Thanks for the info ill let you know how it all works out when it comes in.

I haven't ridden with a 250 2 stroke that can keep up to my bike in acceleration or top speed. :D

Open up the airbox and put your new exhaust on it.

For more throttle response, mid and top end power install the yz450 exh. cam.

See my signature!!

I let my buddy on his cr250 build up some steam in 4th gear, (let him get 10 mph on me ) when he's pulling along side me I pin it.He will get 1 bike length ahead of me then I go by him. He's wide open in 5th gear when I'm pegged in 4th,then I grab 5th and wheelie away from him. :D

I rebuit his motor for him so I know it was a healthy 250.

There's no way he can keep up.

In a drag race I am 8 bike lengths ahead of him before I get in to 5th gear. :)

I would confidantly state that the only bikes that would be faster or quicker than any of the new big bore 4 strokes(when uncorked) would be a big bore 2 stroke.

Until my wr450, all I rode was CR500's.

A comparison to help my analogy would be that my wr450 stone stock felt like a torquey 125 2 stroke, un corked it feels like a very torquey very very strong 250 2 stroke.

Open her up.uncork that biatch. You'll be happy!!

The only way you would be dissapionted with it after you uncork and get the jetting dialed is if you came off a 500 cc 2 stroke. :D

i just took my bike for a ride today with my freind and his new cr250 and we tied in a drag race, but then agian my bike is completley stock,i cant wait to feel the power after i get it modded.

my buddy has a 01 yz 250 2smoker with every after market he can buy and he is still falling short! it pisses him so bad and I love it! he is always trying to find way to keep up with my thumper! I agree open it up and do all the mods and all your 250 buddys will be smelling your thumper :D :usa:exhuast! :):D

Please, you need to do some research before buying a bike and once you have a bike searching here and elsewhere will help you get the most out of any bike.

I don't feel sorry for you at all as you can't see that your bike has the same motor as the YZ and I think better than the CRF, it's just set up differently. It can be modified to be even more powerful if you want it. My bike runs strong and fast and I haven’t done all the possible mods yet.

The free mods do make a TON of difference. I'd like to do a side by side comparo of a WR without the free mods vs. a WR with the free mods. I'd like to see just how bad the modded bike would spank the "virgin" WR. :)

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