Khein FCR or Edlebrock QSilver on 650R?

I am going to purchase a new carb for my 00' 650R. I need some input on which to go with??? :)

Hi mr660.

There are a few choices for you. My first recomendation would be the Edelbrock carb. But the mic carb is a pumper also. As well as the Kiehin. The mic and the Edelbrock are about the same price range. the kiehin is alot more.

I can make all of these carbs work well. But can you jet them and how much time will you spend. I have used them all in recing and on the Dyno. That is why I choose to push the Edelbrock over the others because of the easy adjustments that can be made. Also the fuel economy and easy starting.

If you have any questions about the Edelbrock carb just post on this group or the 650 yahoo and see. If you decide to buy a new carb just give me a call and I would be glad to help you out no matter what carb you decide to buy.

Thanks Rob Barnum 760-868-8097 email

I highly recommend the Edelbrock. I put one on mine this week. Bought it from Rob Barnum and he can talk you trough any problems. It's easy to tune. The reason I bought one was mainly for starting and flooding when I laid the bike down. Looks like that will be a thing of the past. As far as performance I can tell a little difference on the bottom end and a bigger difference on the mid range power. Like I said I highly recommend the Edelbrock and Rob. You can find a lot of info on both here in TT. :)

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