Possible Purchase Questions and Comments needed!

I am thinking of purchasing a FMF Q and powerbomb header for my 04 wr450. Anyone out ther have the same set up? Any comments, good or bad? :)

My understanding of the powerbomb is that you gain bottom end but due to the smaller header diameter you get reduced power up top. I rode a WR250 with this set up and liked it over a stock WR250 pipe. FMF Q seems to be very popular on the WR bikes. :)

i dont know i am just looking for an exhaust system to give a good overall power gain and still meet sound requirements in California. :)

does the powerbomb header really take away from the top?and if so how much?

I have a powerbomb and didnt notice any topend loss. Mine is the same diameter as stock. I have heard that there are two different types standard (same size pipe in front and behind the bulge)and tapered (smaller pipe in front of the powerbomb bulge). I have not seen or ridden the tapered but i am happy with the one I have. It is a good Idea to get the stainless and not the ti, much more durable with minimal weight gain.


does it meet sound requirements if ou have any in your state?

does it meet sound requirements if ou have any in your state?

I just installed a Q on my 03 WR450. In looking for Q info on TT, I came across a post that mentioned the rangers in California stating that approximately 90% of the Q's on WR's are passing the 96db law in California. I rode mine for the first time yesterday and it was noticeably quieter than the stocker. :)

thanks for the info :)

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