any one have mtx mototrax

I just picked up a copy of mtx mototrax at my local gamestop , and all i have to say is that it is the best motocross game out(better than mx unleashed) you can earn money to buy new parts and can get sponserships with different company's.And the best part is that the 4 strokes are faster than the 2strokes but the 2 strokes have better turning.overall i founf it to be a very fun and challenging game

i just bought mxunleashed and it is great aswell. hard to control the bike when you first start out though.

now i am going to have to buy that game to darn

Wow, I just bought mine tonight! I was going in to buy MX Unleashed, but this was on the shelves. So I had the guy see about MXU, and he brought one out, but as I started reading the boxes, MTX just seemed cooler. It was also $10 more, but the track editor and the fact that you can actually create the look of your racer along with everything else, just said grab MTX. So before I opened the package, I checked on the game sites and this one seemed to be rated higher than MXU. So I made a pretty good choice and I'm happy with this game. Very cool. However, my GF's 5 year old cries cause he isn't as good as he is on 98 McGrath. So I have to endure PS1 graphics or a get the parade of tears. :)

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