06 YZ450f weak spark after changing stator

I was out riding one day and the bike died. Got it back home and the stator took a shit. I ordered one from Electrex World and installed it today. Bike will still not start, it back fires every once in awhile but will not start. Seems like it is getting spark but looks weak. Ohms check out. I cant figure out if the stator is bad or its something else. Anyone have any ideas?


How exactly did you check the stator leads?

just got the new stator today from ricky stator and the bike fired up on the second kick. ended up geting a bad stator from the other company.

It figures.  Electrex does not have a stellar reputation, and Gen2 YZ450F stators converted for lighting are problematic to build with any reliability because doing so places an undesirably high load on two small coils to do the job of four. 

I'll post a picture of the stator when I get home.

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