XR600 Jetting?

I recently bought a new White Bros. headpipe and E-series s bend silencer that I have not installed yet and I do not know the first thing about jetting. I am not replacing the stock exhaust but basically a straight thru Cobra silencer that was just a straight pipe and it runs great. Any tips on re-jetting the carb would help, and how to go about figuring out what I need to get the most out of the bike.

Here's a couple of articles to start with: Thumper Jetting

Carburetor Jetting

I would guess that going from a straight through design to a (bit) more restrictive exhaust would require leaning out the jetting, especially the main jet. :)

Hi 600ish,

First thing that you shuld do is nothing. Just install the pipe and see what the bike is asking for first. you might be lucky. But if you need help from there you can call me or email me 760-868-8097 email rob@barnumspro.com

Thanks Rob Barnum


What's going on man? I heard you started racing again? Mike told me that the pits were great for the 1000 last year. You still going to be doing this for the races this year? Looking forward to it. Should be fun. You heading south anytime?



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