2015 wr450f Run without battery?

Does anyone have advice on running a 2015 wr450f without a battery? It seems it was redesigned to run without it but I cant find any verification.

It runs without the battery.   Just disconnect one of the leads (tape it) to see.


If you remove the controls behind the light you need to do a bit of wiring.

Thanks Midlife


I worded that wrong. I took the battery out ran the bike a few min no problem. I guess the real question is other than the odometer not retaining its information is there any damage at can happen. i.e. no load on the charging system, the gytr ecu or anything like that. Thanks again.

Not that I am aware of.   I ran my bike for a few hours with no battery.   Then I removed the front light and odo and ran it like that for the last 2+ seasons. No issues.

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