Hi-flow pump and filter

2 filters one big one small

Extra clamps a 5" inch pc of fuel line

Just an update on the cleaning I did.  Had a race yesterday and it never coughed or hesitated once in the whole race.  If it ever starts doing this again I may go with the Hi-Flow kit and just start from new.  

high flow was great to me on the follow up pump and parts

Very good to deal with

Update I'm at 3 hrs on it no issues at all

bike runs excellent, better then ever actually

Just hope the hose they sent doesn't soften up to bad so I'll check later in the season

Just and update to help out.


Fuel filter replacement on my 2011' yz450


My Hi-flow fuel filter kit has aprox 28.5 hrs on it since the install and not one glitch.


Had to call customer service a couple times to ask questions and they were very helpful and took care of me.  So if you can do it try this option versus the huge expense of OEM

The third pump we have  been running for a year . It,s the same as the high dollar pump .

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