Flywheel Weights

I am using a Baja Design 7oz weight now. When I got mine, that was the only size available. The guy that makes them said he was going to make a 10oz weight. I just read a post that Monty is using a 12oz weight. The 7oz weight helped a lot over stock, but we do a lot of tight riding, and I'm thinking heavier may be better. Can someone enlighten me on this? Thanks, Ron

Ron, go back to my post on Clutch Basket. Monty replied to you there. Also, check out They have flywheel weights up to 12 oz.. That is where I ordered mine. Paul


Hi Monty here, i run stock timing (WR) and love the 12oz, flywheel I have used it from day one also i run stock muffler with a TTR250 tip it has a larger hole in the end cap then the WR one doe's, change the pilot jet to next size up works geart.Also run the 13 tooth frt gear most of the riding is on tight trails and woods but i can still get out on the roads and fly, in death vally we running down the roads at 80 to 90 MPH.


Monty, Thanks for the info. Did you go up 1 size on the pilot with the TTR tip? I am using the Baja Design tip, and it works well. I have the stock pilot in still, and my plug looks good. I am going to get a 13 tooth primary this week. Have you considered raising your fork tubes? I am thinking about it. I,ll let you know how it works. Ron

Originally posted by MONTY:

Is installation of a flywheel weight

a bolt-on affair? I recall reading

something in the archives about

JBWeld. These aren't epoxied in place?

JB Weld and bolt on. You need a flywheel puller, and a spanner wrench. I made one. It took about 1/2 hour. It's pretty easy, just lay your bike over on the kick start side to drain the oil out of the case or it get's messy. Being an old 2 stroke guy, boy was I supprised. I am considering a 12oz weight.

Okay, I rode with the newly installed 10oz weight for the first time on Saturday. I got the 10oz Terrycable from Baja Designs.

If you ride tight stuff, this is a no-brainer!! Why I rode the WR for two seasons without it is the real question.

It (maybe) mellowed it a tiny bit in the mid-range, but I can't even be sure of that. What it did do is decrease flame-outs by about 70%. Just what I was looking for.

I'd do the 12oz next time. Since the 10 didn't noticably detract from performance, why not go the extra 2 oz?

What is the stock flywheel weight??

Originally posted by Ron S:

JB Weld and bolt on.

I guess my real question is, can you

undo it? You are gluing a weight onto

your motor?

I didn't JB Weld mine. The kit I purchased was bolt-on, although you have to drill & tap (tools included!) 3 new holes.

I'm assuming that the 6 loctited bolts will hold this puppy in place.....I hope so! I guess the beauty of no JB Weld is that I can remove it if I feel like it. At this point I can't imagine why I'd bother.

The guy that made mine said all you have to do is tap the weight with a hammer and punch, and it will seperate. I used JB weld because it was in the installation page with the weight. Ron S

Let me re-word this. What is the weight of the stock flywheel weight???

Mike 68 I think the stock flywheel (WEIGHT)

is (with out the ad on weight)is about 2oz i think i read that some were can;t rembber, if some one knows post it.

I run a 10 ounce weight and love it. The primary reason I chose to run one was wheel spin. I was having trouble getting the power to the ground, especially in technical terrain. Don't be fooled into thinking there is not a trade-off. You will lose some snap, but it works for me. Oh yeah, no JB weld on the Terrycable weight. If you want to remove the weight, why not just get another flywheel ($170) and a puller and swap 'em as needed?

Mike68, I'm not sure what the stocker weighs. It's a good question. Anyone know? I think I read somewhere that the stock wr flywheel is 17 ounces heavier than the YZ.

Here is a good one: The Yamaha dealer in my area told me that if I put a 10 ounce weight on my flywheel I will end up snapping my crankshaft in two and Yamaha will not replace it. He highly recommended I change my gearing (15/48) to resolve my wheel spin problem. Yeah right!

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