2013 WR450F Stock "PowerBomb" Header & Exhaust Choice

I just bought a 2013 WR450F that is completely stock.  What's the deal with the stock PowerBomb header?  I thought I read somewhere that it's not the same as the aftermarket one.  Is that true?  Should I get a full exhaust or just buy a slip on?  Which exhaust should I buy if I plan to ride my bike on the street?



I bought a slip-on for my '12. It comes with a spacer to use with stock header or you take it out to use with power or megabomb. I guess the fmf headers have slightly wider diameter.. but I don't think it's worth the price for a small gain. The slip-on itself didn't seem to do much either.. but that was coming from an uncorked stocker. 

Do you have the GYTR ECU and tuner?

Yes, ECU, tuner, FMF tune, GYTR throttle screw (came with competition ECU), uncorked airbox. 


I didn't see a big difference but I also didn't get much seat time all together stock or fmf exhaust. Mainly louder.. maybe I need to try different maps.

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