2004 WR450f Big Bore questions

So I'm looking at a 2004 wr450f in SM trim that has a 30 over big bore, and the guy says he doesn't know what kind of kit it is, as the PO had installed it. He doesn't know the exact hours or miles on the motor either, but he says it runs fine. 


It has a full system, jetting properly, and K&N filter. (that's all the info I got out of him at this time). 


I'm a honda guy at heart but this bike is a good deal and I've always wanted a sumo! haha! 


So My questions are what are the specific things to look for on this bike, and adding that is had a big bore? I know they made some needed updates and changes on the '04 model. 


Any help is appreciated!! 

From 03-06 changes were minimal.

If your a honda guy this bike will probably make you a yamaha guyfrom here on out lol.

These motors are as reliable as the sun- i had 7500 miles on a motard that i converted, it was a former pro gncc race bike with no odometer so who knows what kind of miles it really had and if you have ever watched a gncc race you can bet they were hard-hard miles.

Ive also never had to adjust the valves in the last 7k due to them tightening up, i did have to when i swapped cams but thats a given.

Just stay up on your oil changes ( i ran rotella 15/40 changed every 1,000 miles) and enjoy it.

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The 03 or 04 WR450 had some issues with the crank taper and flywheel where they used loctite to cure it or help it. That year also had starter up grade issues. Sniff around and do a goggle search.

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