My sub $1k 07 YZ450

Hey guys new to the site, figured i'd share my bike. A little background on me, I have ridden four wheelers since I was a little one. I always wanted a dirtbike but my father (an ex racer) always said 'no to dangerous'... We rode alot of rough trails so I cant rag on him to hard for that (he did buy me my own quad eventually). Now that i've grown up a bit and he bought another bike (2013 KTM 250xc) I figured it was a great time to fulfill that need i've always wanted. I bought the bike not knowing much about them. I didn't want to spend a lot on my first bike incase I wasn't a fan of riding it. I did a little research on it when it came up and it seemed the 07 was a descent year for these bikes. I wasnt to fond of getting such a 'big' bike but i was relieved to find out its really just a 250 with a 450 stuffed in there. I originally was looking for a 125 2 smoke to start out on but everyone I talked to was like 'no way man your gonna get so bored with that so quickly!'. Im not a huge fan of 2 stroked anyways so I wasnt heart broken when I stumbled upon this deal. My buddy texted me one day and said hey man im trying to get rid of my bike if you know anyone that wants it.... After some finagling I got the price down for $900 and went and scooped it up. Dirty, not running, cheap- just what I was looking for. I took her home and immediately started diagnosing. This thing had crazy compression, i could hardly even get it to turn over... After some reading i decided i'd crack open the valve cover and have a look see. It was apparent that it had jumped timing. Im not sure if these are interference engines or not but no valves were bent (what a relief). I ordered new guides, chain, tensioner, headgasket, side cover gasket, spark plug, oil & air filter & went to town. While waiting on parts I was tinkering around. It looks like someone stripped the oil drain plug & proceeded to jb weld it in. I finally got it out and cleaned everything up, right now its just got a hefty amount of teflon tape but its not leaking, im going to get one of those dorman plugs that are oversized with a little drain bolt in the middle. After I got it to fire up i was extremely happy. I flushed the coolant before I had the head off and forgot to order some so I went out and got that blue stuff whatever its called. Its running great at the moment but it still needs a few little things to be perfect. I ordered and installed new tires but the front tube is leaking, new grips on the way & a new front brake lever. My front for seals are shot so ill be doing those soon. My hot start cable doesnt thread into the carb properly so id like to replace that soon but it doesnt seem to affect how it runs. The kickstart is worn out and flips open when riding/ givin it the berries, I tried taking it apart but the screw that hold its together wont budge, a replacement is $100+ so not that high on the priority list yet. The shifter is loose and stripped out so im going to have to drill and tap or just get a new one in there. It could use brake pads all around but not that big of a deal yet. The throttle was very sloppy but a little cable adjustment solved that. It came with renthal handlebars & a what I assume is a powerbomb header, it also has an after market seat but so far thats all I think it has upgrade wise. I think my valves are off a bit it takes 5+ kicks to get her goin if its chilly out and when I stall out it takes quite a few kicks to get her going again. After its warm it starts up pretty easily. I have a shim kit I just need some time now. Some things ive noticed so far, it could really use a heavier flywheel & maybe one of those 'rekluse' clutches since all I do is woods ride. Id like to also get a front rotor & radiator guards. A oversized tank is also on the list but not a huge priority right now. The plastics were stained brown wherever it was white a little goof off did pretty well. the plastics are scratched to hell but for a first bike its gonna get thrashed a bit so ill run em for while. I spent around $400 for new parts so im a little over 1k but whatever. Anyways enough of my ramblin... Heres some pics. The pics inside are the first couple I took. The one on the car is right after I got it runnin. 





Id love to find an al frame yamaha for that cheap.

Nice score.

Noce score. That sucks about the drain plug. I dont know if dorman makes an oversized one small enoigh for your needs. I would be tempted to tap the whole for the original bolt, get a new bolt and see how it holds. If not, your best bet would be to install a helicoil kit or drill/tap for the next size bolt. The jb weld package claims you can tap threads into it as well, but i have never tried.

The oil has to be changed so much on these bikes you really dont want it to be a pain in the ass every time you do it.

Also, it seems like the shifters are a wear item on these 450s. They get beat up when you crash. You can crank the pinch bolt down to a certain point but eventually they just need to be replaced. At least they are cheap.

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Appreciate the reply's. Yeah now that ive looked into the dorman's im not sure itll work. On the up & down side, i got a new front brake lever, noticed the fluid was low & my front brake was a little squishy i topped it off but no better. Tried bleeding it, no bubbles but still squishy. I ordered new pads front & rear, a master cyl rebuild and caliper rebuild for the front. Got the day off tomorrow gonna see if I can tap that drain plug & get that shifter off. Only thing I really need to do now if front fork seals & adjust the valves and she should be ready for some abuse.

Got front & rear pads is the mail yesterday, only did the rears (which were metal on metal) because im still waiting for a master & caliper rebuild for the front, figured id do it all at once. Also Figured out what was up with the shifter, the bolt head had broken off but the shifter was loose so I pried it out and cut a line big enough to get a flathead on and got it right off. Tapped it for a bolt I got at the hardware store & the shifter is solid again. Also installed new grips which are about 5000 times better than what was on there. I usually take my tires and have them done by a buddy of mine but I decided to tackle a leaky front tube by myself... It didnt go as planned lol. I think I pinched it putting it back in or my rim has something sharp in it. Brand new kenda tube trashed.. 

Looks pretty clapped out, kudos for you to bringing her back to life!

Yesterday was a pretty big day. I rebuilt the front master & caliper. Along with new pads. Still a little squishy, but after a a little riding im gonna rebleed an hope it gets a little better, prolly just need to loosen up a few bubbles trapped in there somewhere. New pads up front now too. Ruined another tube so I looked up a guide on youtube and voila! Im pretty confident in my dirtbike tire changin methods now (lube is your friend  :p ).. Hoping to get out for a ride tomorrow. Bike doesnt need much more I hope, getting some hang up from that hot start cable after i pull it so id like to address that next along with valve adjustment. 

Alright new brake & clutch levers I also got my front brake stopping on a dime. Also a brand new clutch because after a ride with some hill climbs i noticed mine was slipping pretty bad. Much better now, clicks into neutral much easier and it pulls so much harder. Only other kink I need to fix is a stuck idle adjustment. The RPM's need to go up just a little bit I stalled a few times in the woods the other day and it was a little annoying. I tried adjusting it on the ride but it must be a little seized inside the carb, gonna dig into it tomorrow. Only other things on the list right now is a bigger tank, hand guards & a weighted flywheel. Very happy with the bike so far cant wait to put some more time on it.

Well ive got a couple rides on the bike now. Between now & last post the clutch was done, bark busters, 12T front sprocket, 9.2oz flywheel, IMS oversize tank installed. Its a whole new bike. Im really happy with it, I also just ordered a kenda parker DT rear tire because mines only got a ride or 2 left on it. I put it down a couple times but nothing major just popped an end off my clutch lever. I noticed my clutch cable was nearly sheared through so I just ordered one to hopefully be here before the weekend. No real complaints with the bike she runs well. Next thing is fork seals and adjusting the suspension a little bit but my collars are seized on the rear shock so i keep hitting em with PB every couple days. Anyways heres a current picture. 


Also finally got a set of real riding pants, over the boot Shift recon's and ordered a set of Forma Terra's because my birthday is in a few days so why not! Only other thing I would like is a nice set of knee pads. 


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when you look at kneepads, get the hinged, newer style that covers above knee some also.  These are just so more protective than the old shin guards. and they last a long time.   I have Thor, but any that fit well will work.

I wound up getting a set of EVS glider lite knee pads. they reviews were great & not too pricey. 

Rebuilt the front shocks, lighter weight springs and new seals but I noticed a nice ding on my lower fork tube on the 'passenger side' in car reference... Probably going to have to get a new tube at some point. I also installed new polysport plastics as mine were very rough & i wasnt a huge fan of the stickers. I ordered up a new chain & rear sprocket too. Heres a nice shiny picture & one after i got my new plastics all scratched up.



Few more miles on the 450. Front suspension has broken in nicely. New chain & sprockets, also just installed a Kenda Parker DT, my old tire was super kicked. Went with an intermediate/hard pack tire for what I ride. Cant wait to put a few miles on it. Id like a new set of bars, something a little bit taller for a more relaxed position. Anyways heres a few more pics. 


If anyone wants to check out a vid I made: 


More to come. 



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Mate loved watching the progress of your bike. It's turning into a well set up Enduro machine. I have a 2013 and went a 9 ounce flywheel weight and absolutely love the rid ability of it now. Complete new bike. Anyway keep up the progress reports. Top stuff mate.

I wound up trading this bike for a 06 KTM 250sx 2 smoker, loving it so far. Very happy with my trade, wish I would have kept this to set up for super moto though. Maybe ill find another smokin deal! 

Im now on a husqvarna TE150, couldnt be happier! 

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