Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post



west branch mi:


Saturday 03/12
65 | 37 °F
Saturday 0 % Precip. / 0 in

Mostly sunny skies. High around 65F. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph.


cooler an

70% gonna rain sun


west branch mi in search bar




Yeah I'm always watching the forecast.  So I knew it was going to be nice and warm tomorrow.  I'm just wondering if the snow has melted up there and if the trails are reasonably dry.  I don't mind some puddles but if it's all completely a mud bog, I wouldn't enjoy that.

If ya haven't rode trails in a long time just take it easy,keep looking ahead about 20yards not at your front tire and don't have a death grip on the bars to avoid arm pump and you will be addicted like the rest of us nut jobs who will be on the trails tomorrow.lol

Rode cedar creek se n sw loops today. Pretty good shape for march haha. Obviously whoops, but not a ton of large debris or water.

I'll be riding cedar tomorrow about noon..

We will be back out there tomorrow afternoon, fishing in the morning first. If u see a red white n black yz250f (me), a husaberg, a ktm, and a yz 250 2t, thats us haha.

rode all of gladwin today, excellent shape!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice.  I'm toying with the idea of going up to Ambrose Lake.  I really wanted to ride there because this is my first trail ride in 20+ years so I wanted to make sure I do something really easy.   I've been watching the weather in the West Branch area and it's actually been a little warmer than is has been down here in S.E. Michigan.  On the other hand I'd hate to drive 2 hours to find out it's still snow covered or a complete mud pit.


Whatcha thing?  Is there any chance it'll be rideable tomorrow?


dont think i would try that tmrw, i bet still have a lot of snow covered trail. gladwin is perfect.

My trials club has practice property in Flint. They just texted me that they are planning to ride tomorrow. I'll probably do that tomorrow and give the trails a little longer to thaw out.

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Rode significant portion of Big O today. Numerous branches and trees blocking trail but I was glad to be out, so I didn't mind too much. Now at Big O, motorcycle trail is mixed in with snowmobile trail (you are compelled to travel both). Wherever there was shaded snowmobile trail the trail was a  glaze of ice that not only slows one down but is dangerous. You had to really want to out to enjoy it, which I did nonetheless.

rode all of gladwin today, excellent shape!!


excellent shape

excellent shape???


whooped out excellent shape???

Pretty sure Gladwin will always be whooped out. Usually comes back a day or two after grooming. I would say no ice or major trail blockage is likely the excellent to expect.

Horseshoe had no ice/snow on sat morning. Not much for mud/water either. Has its whoops from last year (not surprising, singles tracks are the least likely to ever see grooming in that regard). Wasn't a LOT of downfall as I expected. This was just the orv only portion, im not plated.

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anyone been in grayling, Kalkaska or Frederick area to ride yet?

Stay away from the Denton loop near Harrison...

Rode Ogemaw today. Snow/ice in places but otherwise rideable.

Rode Leota today, dry as a bone. Deeply whooped, otherwise in good shape.

Hoping to hear something back from Evart

Can anyone "up-north" let us know how much snow you got? I had heard forecasts of up to 12 inches which is really going to suck.

Around 4" in Bay city/Saginaw. Melting fast. Supposedly more the further north you go, someone else will have to chime in.

Anybody know how the trails around St Helen are right now? I am interested in riding this weekend but I am afraid it is going to be a cold swamp.

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