steering damper bulk buy

I found someone who will sell a WER steering damper for $309.00 plus shipping if I can get enough orders. They retail for $359.00. What do you think. Let me know. With business being alittle slow, maybe he would be open for other things too. Thanks!

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Good eye. I wonder if I can talk him down quite a bit more yet. How much would it take for people to be interested?

I gave him a call after I looked at Monkey Butt. He said he will go as low as $299 plus shipping for the WER. That sounds like a great deal. Anyone want one?

I take it no body likes the WER?

The WER dampener is considerably better than the GPR. Why? Because it dampens only when the bars are moved 'away' from center (same with the Scotts). The GPR, although a great unit, dampens both ways, which adds to arm pump, energy expended, etc. I have run the WER dampener in various bikes (off-road racing) for about 6 years and consider it the best for the money. Plus it's out of the way of the bars if you ride enduros, etc. and you need room for computers or whatever. I also have a Scotts on my XR650 and it's nice, but kind of in the way. More money too.

If the GPR now has the ability to only dampen one way, I'm not aware of this. Any dampener is better than no dampener though. Hope this helps.


PS: Another plus is that WER is manufactured by Drew Smith - famous multi-time ISDE racer and great guy.

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Consider too, that Scott's is probably going to have a damper that mounts over the front fender also.

Out of the way and doesn't impact bars, triple clamp etc...

but a little more expensive too

I want to get one for cheap, but he will only sell at $299 if I order 10 or more. I hate to pay retail for things, and I dont think I can get one for any cheaper.

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