White Trash Wheels??

Ok .....I posted last year about BLACK wheels.

How to get them......anodize or just buy NEW.

Well I put it off for a yr but I couldn't justify spending a G on new look good items.(wheels/hubs/spokes)

So I remembered someone suggested the BBQ paint trick. When I got my new OLD 93' RM250 I decided that I could afford to try it on those wheels.

So I did.

It turned out pretty good. I used good ol' WALMART $.94 rattle can then went over it with BBQ paint and then the final coat of Wally World gloss again. Turned out pretty TRICK! seems to be sticking so I did my Hurricane too!

What a different look! SWEEEET!! just hope it holds up. I will find out tommorow. We are going to ROCKVILLE where there will be a short visit to SNOWVILLE too. I will let u guys know how it held up!

The worst that can happen is to carb cleaner it off! :)

I remember that post about a year ago! Let me know how it holds up! I bet it was a pain to take everything off and lace both wheels?

Since he called them white trash wheels, he probably did the WT thing and just sprayed them without disassembly. :)

<font color=yellow><h3>Here is a couple of pics of my NEW black rims and notice the POLISHED swingarm. Looks very sharp, just does not show up very good in these pix!</h3>







Oops........howd' that get there???LOL!

I love the black wheels but that bike needs a yellow rear fender!

Did you polish the swingarm yourself? Did you use one of those jell type paint stripers from Pep Boys? I was thinking about polishing mine one of these days.

Palm sander 240grit!!!!!!!


Then my buddy polished it for fixing his friends cr250pipe.

only took one nite so it cant be that bad.

I actually polished the kick starter myself and only too about 20 minutes.

I tried the yellow fender and actually looks...........GAY!!!!!!!!!! :)

I only had the outside and top polished to help keep the maintainance down and I think the bottom would take apretty good beating anyway.

Also had him do the chain block holder and the rear brake res protector too.....looks a lot better than the pix show!

[ March 17, 2002: Message edited by: THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER ]

Ive never been a fan of black wheels, but it looks like Scott called it. Thumpin what are ya gonna do about the overspray on the nipples?

Has anybody ever looked into just having the rims anodized? Some of that "hard anodizing" is some pretty tough Shi++. When I worked in the electronics field, I remember having to grind it off of places on heatsinks, and it wasnt easy.

Originally posted by motoman393:

I remember that post about a year ago! Let me know how it holds up! I bet it was a pain to take everything off and lace both wheels?

<center> :)


:D </center>

GOOD NEWS.............

I went out on St Pat's day(even though it snowed 9-1/2" that night!) to the DEZ and pounded the crap out of my body bike and wheels.


They held up about 100times better than anticipated! :D

I need to touch them up with a quick squirt of a rattle can and they will be as good as the first time! don't even really need to do it at all but I like how they look when they are perfect!

A couple of chips and the edge that touches the tire is needing a little paint but no big deal.

Around the edges it seems the tire flex maybe chipped about 1/2 mm or less off all the way around.

SAVED me $$$$$$$$$$$cash!

Now I can go get those grade 8 bolts with the mula i saved! :D

A buddy of mine had his rims powder coated black. Seems like it cost him $75.

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