Has anyone used the 9oz flywheel weight from Steahly off road, on s 2016 yz450?

I was torn between the Steahly and the GYTR for my 2014 yz 450.  I ended up going with the GYTR because it can be taken off any time I want.  Steahly is permanent.  I found a good deal on Rocky Mountain and paid $193.  I figured for the extra money, having both flywheels would be a benefit to me.

Based on the research I did, both flywheels accomplish the same end result due to the where the weight is added to the flywheel.  Steahly needs 9 oz to accomplish this and GYTR needed 4.4.  There is not a lot of info out there on flywheels for newer EFI bikes, but that was the general idea that I got.  It would be nice if a comparison was done head to head.  I am satisfied with the results, its been slick and wet here lately and I am impressed with the changes the flywheel made.  I also have tuned my bike for mid to hard pack with direct corner response.      

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Well the reason I asked is I sent my flywheel off to Steahly and when I got it back I put it back on the bike and it was rubbing the casting on the motor side, so I bought the gytr flywheel.

Was that with the spacer installed? 

I found a used GYTR at a decent price , about the only thing I notice is it doesn't want to stall as easy . It is a little smoother but not 200 bucks smoother . I think it should be heavier imo.

After riding mine more, it could be heavier.  I would like to see what a GYTR feels like with 9 oz added to it, not 4.4/

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