new xr650r questions..

Hi folks! Just picked up an 02 XR650R!

Couple of questions about suspension. I'm 6'2', 250lbs. Heavier springs, front and rear installed per race tech spring guide. I didn't recieve an owner's manual with the bike, would like some suggestions on fork clicker adjustment, oil wht.& amount, Rear sag & clicker adjustment, stuff like that.

Bike's allready been uncorked, rocketship!!

Took it up to Cow Mountain for my first ride, proceeded to beat myself too death! Guy that had it before me musta been a monster...Any and all replies are all good!

Thanks, hope to hear from you all soon. Dan

Tirebiter, Just to already have stiffer springs or your looking for recommendations for your size?

If it already does have stiffer springs...would you know the sping rate or maybe the size of the previous owner, you said he must have been a monster?

Second, I know with stock springs the clickers are roughtly in the middle but if you have stiffer springs someone else will have recommendation.

I know this doesn't answer much but more to clear up the question.

It shouldn't take long for someone to have the answers you need.


Hi Tirebiter.

If you need help with this matter I would be glad too help you in any way I can. Please feel free to call me if you would like. I was just fooling around on the computer and saw the post that you left.I won't answer the phone on sunday

Thanks Rob Barnum. 760-868-8097

J_T, Thanks for the reply.

The new springs were allready installed by the previous owner. I checked with race tech and they are correct for my size & style of riding. It's the fine tuning, front and rear, that I need help with. I performed a search here at TT, found a little info, need more!

Thanks again, Dan

Thanks Rob!

Checked out your site- great stuff!! You'll be hearing from me soon. I'm in N.Cal, what part of the state are you located? Dan

Tirebiter, I would certainly take the Previous poster (robbarnum) up on his offer. His reputation preceeds him on his knowledge of the XR650R. I have been around enough to recommend sites for finding correct spring rates etc but since you already know that and I'm 170lb I don't have them so as far as tuning them that would be better left to others. I hope you find what you need. People here won't stop until you do.


Rob, First, thanks for your help!!

Went to ForestHill yesterday. Forks were fine as per your recommendations, went 3 clicks softer on both in the rear, smoothed it out nicely!

Again, thanks a heap, You da Man!!!! :D:):D

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