Help! Bike won't stay running

Couple weekends ago we were riding and I took a small fall after which the bike wouldn't start.

We discovered that the elbow from the fuel tank was broken (not dumping fuel everywhere??) so that was replaced with an aluminum one from zip tie. We also replaced the fuel pump and applied heat tape to the bottom of the tank.

Now, the bike starts instantly and runs for about 5 seconds before it dies... Seems fuel related.

I took it all back apart and can't find anything clearly wrong. Don't understand the petcock arrangement at all... Can't see how it would stop the flow of fuel??

I've attached some pics but am at a loss. It's a 2104 TE310.




I had the fuel pump fail on my 2010 TE250 and replaced it with a brand new after market. With the new pump installed the bike would run for maybe 2 seconds and stop. After much swearing It turned out to be that the brand new fuel pump I had just installed was defective. It could not keep enough pressure in the system. So I got another new pump and it works just as it should.

Ok, wow... I'll give that a try, thanks. Any idea how the petcock system works?

Ok, wow... I'll give that a try, thanks. Any idea how the petcock system works?


the petcock "system" is just a simple cross-over from one side of the tank to the other.  The traditional petcock with the low fuel sender goes on the right side; the thumbscrew-type petcock is on the left.  ...and just disconnect the x-over fuel line next time, instead of taking both petcocks off. less chance of instigating a leak.


The petcocks have absolutely nothing to do with pressurized fuel flow and are not the source of your problems.  The ECU turns the fuel pump relay on- 5 secs while starting; full time when the engine is running. That's why no fuel came pouring out when you broke the outlet.   ...oh yeah- why didja replace the pump? kinda spendy for the stock one (same as some ktm's IIRC). well, at least you have a spare now to do the test.


also: how did the outlet get broken during a fall? That thing is protected.  BTW, look in this area for some other issue that is causing your problem.


pro-tip: I leave both petcocks OFF while riding. my total range is shortened by a little over 1-1/2 miles... which I get back by turning the petcocks back on if I need to. I actually wish I had more reserve range- the low fuel light came on with better than half a tank left. useless. and now it's on full time. ignored.


good luck.

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$10 says the tip over sensor...

When you say "tune" do you mean the fuel map was erased?

When you say "tune" do you mean the fuel map was erased?

I believe that it what they meant by it.  With full exhaust and minor intake mod it would not run until it was "tuned" again. They couldn't explain how it happened. 

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