another cracked tank!

....on a friend of mines 2000 426. Sounds like this will plague 426 owners for years to come?!

Whats the deal with these cracked tanks, where do they usually crack and why.

I wish I knew why, because I've cracked two of them. Mine cracked under the seat junction, on the bottom of the tank, both cracked virtually in the same place. One cracked because of a hard landing, I was OK with that, until the second one cracked under normal riding conditions. The second OEM tank was an 01', which I was later told that it was made thinner to conserve weight. I now have a CLARKE OEM tank, which was less than half the cost of an OEM one, and it has a one year warranty against breakage.


How do you like your Clarke tank, is it a 3.3? Any complaints about anything? I am getting one here soon, just thought I would ask.

I don't think I've anything bad about them, but you just never now.

THANX! for your input ~Hitman~

[ March 18, 2002: Message edited by: #1 Hit-man ]

This friend of mine is an OT novice (no big air)and weighs about 190. It cracked at the seat/tank right near the screw. Sucks!

We are not the only ones with tank problems.......

My friend has a 00' WR and just bought a brand new ..... :D MXC520 :D .....

We went out the the Dez on St Pat's day and gased it up for the first time. (he rode it for 1 block on saturday) It smelled like gas all the way out there but we were driving a PowerStoke so we thought someone had just overfilled their bike and it was coming out an overflow. We unloaded and the first thing we notices was the gas RUNNING out of the KTM! :) We thought at first it was just the petcock. After further examination and puuling the was coming out of a point in the center of the "saddle" where KTM fastens their tanks with a hole thru the back side of the tank(about 1"dia) There is a seam around it that had a hole...about the size of a pencil lead....OOZING petrol out like a siv! :D

Rather than going home after a 1 1/2hr drive or starting a fire! :D We broke out the JB weld!

drained out most of the fuel and patched it with JB and waited (not 4 hrs)10min. We figured the heat from the engine would bake the stuff on and he could rectify the trading tank thing with the dealer later!At least we would get to ride!

Worked like a charm. He did run out of gas once on a pretty long ride so we had to lay his bike down and run fuel from my petcock to drip into his tank!!! :D NO ONE REMEMBERED TO BRING A CONTAINER!!!DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!

Talk about duct tape and barbed wire stories!!!

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