Got Metal?

Changed oil and filter today on my '02 and there was quite a bit of metal on the filter. It was the first filter change and the second oil change since bought.I crashed 4 days after buying the "Beast" and broke my leg so I have not rode alot (maybe 20-25hrs.).I have not raced the bike and most of my riding has been in woods and hills and some jumps on my farm. I`ve had no problems with the motor but my clutch has been a little tempermental from time to time. I`m new to this bike but I`ve been riding since age 6 when dad came home with a Honda 50 in 1969.Oh well, back to the metal, could it be clutch stuff or what?

It is completely normal to have shavings in the filter. It should diminish over time.

I notice that you said you have 20-25 hours and this is only your second oil change. I would recommend changing your oil more often than that. Oil is life for these bikes. I change mine every other ride and clean/change the filter every other oil change. It is cheap insurance. :)

Thanks for the good news! I figured there would be some shavings but i wondered if i had too much. I agree about changing more often ,between the leg and work , my riding has been pretty laim. I`ll ride maybe 30min. to 1hr. each ride with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions. Just put a DR.D hot start on yesterday, I like it. I have a brand new TerryCable hot start for a `02 426 still in the package i need to sale. I ordered it from White Bros. 5 months ago and then i saw the DR.D and liked it better.

Tony Id check your clutch basket and hub if your worried about excessive material in the filter. I used to get a ton of crap in the filter. Then totally by accident I noticed my clutch hub was flopping around like a fish outa water. My clutch always did act strangely, but I had no frame of reference because I bought the bike used, and it always worked that way. At any rate, I changed the hub and basket with Hinson units, and now I get much much less stuff in the filter.

Get a magnetic drain plug also. At first it will be loaded with shavings, etc. After 3 or 4 oil changes it will have a minimal amount of gunk. I also concur you should be changing the oil more frequently than twice in 20-25 hours. Do the filter atleast every 4 oil changes and you'll have a happy Blue Baby...


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