Help :(

i have an 03 yz450, after diving into the cases with the help of a mechanically inclined friend to replace a bad shift fork and slapping the motor back together the bike is locked up. It will roll in neutral (but barely, and it's incredibly stiff) but not in any gear even with the clutch in. When I took off the stator cover off and rotate the flywheel about a half turn the bike will turn over then hit a wall halfway down. My buddy is out of town and I'm kinda lost here, getting really frustrated. What could this be?? A timing issue? Clutch? Tensioner? Helllllpp me

Sounds like when you put the cases back together that something in the transmission is in a bind.

Ugh that's exactly what I didn't want to hear lol. This thing is giving me headaches I swear. Is there ANY chance it's not something inside the cases? If it is inside them I'll just be SOL til my buddy gets back in town

Update, the bike will move a little better in the upper gears, and will crank over while in higher gears will the clutch in or out, when you get into the lower gears/neutral it locks up about halfway thru the kick

Sounds like transmission trouble. Remove the clutch pressure plate, frictions and drives. From there you can run it through the gears on the stand and feel for binding in the shafts. If it seems ok pull the plug and turn the engine over using the flywheel nut. You should be able to at least get some direction by doing some basic investigating.

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