Wheel, forks, triple clamps after wreck

So I layed over my FX over the week to 3 broken ribs, which is a bummer, bike was feeling really good. When I got back home I noticed the wheel was not in the same direction as my fender and triple clamps. So I loosened the triple clamps and the axle pinch bolts. The wheel seems to go back in alignment for the most part. I still don't know if it's even and obviously I haven't been able to do any other testing. The wheel seems to spin straight. Could I have done something to the forks? That is the biggest question, is there any give that can happen? Hopefully I haven't messed anything up, just wondering if any of you have seen this happen.

Its common to tweak the front end out of alignment in a spill. Best thing to do is loosen the axle, axle pinch bolts, and the lower fork clamp pinch bolts. Then facing the front of the bike, place your knees on each side of the front tire, ans use the handlebars to straighten and center the front wheel. Then, while using the front brake, compress the front suspension several times to make sure everything is settled. Then torque the lower fork clamp pinch bolts, the axle, then the axle pinch bolts. Be sure to follow that order and use an accurate torque wrench.

Unless you feel binding in the forks while compressing the front end, your forks are most likely undamaged. The are incredibly durable.

What damnbiker said. I whiskey throttled into a wall hard one time on my YZ and the front end was all kinds of out of alignment. Once I could use my right arm again, I loosened everything up and then put it all back together. No issues. Sorry to hear about the get-off. Hopefully no lasting injuries.

to bad on a new bike and all hope your ok


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You can also lift the bike up on a stand, spin the front wheel and lock up the front brake to help center/align the front wheel.

I usually use cowboys method. My buddy was a bike tech at a shop for a few years and this is the method he was taught to use.

I have seen someone bend/grenade a fork before. Look them over closely and cycle them individually to make sure they are both working smoothly

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