2008 YZ450F DRD exhaust on the way but I want to buy a wash plug now.?

2008 YZ450F DRD exhaust on the way but I want to order a wash plug now. I measured my stock exhaust hole at 3.5 mm or about an inch and a half. I'm not sure what size the new pipe will be and the plugs have some over lap in size but I'm not sure which will fit best with new pipe.


Does anyone have a good fitting plug for a drd exhaust. ( part # 7404). 

I dont know how much this will help but most plugs are tapered and come in 2 sizes. Small and big. There is a fair chance that the one that fits your bike now will also fit the new pipe. Plus they are like 8 bucks so its not that big of a deal.

Haha, remove before flight, that is awesome.

The stock pipe has a smaller hole and the smaller Pro Grip plug would probably fit better since the bigger one I got will only fit one knuckle deep.

DRD exhaust has a bigger hole and the plug fits way better than it did on the stock pipe.


I have to spend wisely. I have 3 kids so I don't go to the club and make it rain. I'm a Air Guard Technician and my military salaries is pretty sad.

I have that pipe and all my 4 stroke exhaust plugs fit (FMF and OEM Yamaha)

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