Heres my dilema . I own a yz426 and have the chance to trade even up for a wr426 yank and seat combo . I am not a mx racer nor do I hit any big jumps. I mainly ride on an mx track just becouse my buddies do . I want to try harescrables this year but dont want to do the trade if I will hate the way this setup is . I want more fuel as I ride the river in the winter and usually I am pinned for many miles at a time and I like to not have to go back to the truck so often to refuel. I need this advise right away as I am supposed to do the deal tomarrow. Will this setup be comfortable. Will I loose all handling capabilities. PLEASE HELP ME !!! RESPOND NOW !!!!! My clock is ticking .

I just went through this very same thing. The WR seat/tank set up will not allow you to get forward on the seat for cornering. The tank and seat are wide and what I feel is very uncomfortable.

I ended up getting an IMS tank from a friend of mine who sold his YZ. It is thin and you can still use the YZ seat. Acerbis is having some killer specials on tanks right now. Go to and hit the specials/closeouts tab. Tanks with caps are $105.00. Don't bother with the year issue as the tanks are the same and will fit from 98-02.


I cant find a closeout tab anywhere on that site

I have a white IMS tank for a yz you can use your yz seat with for sale. that way you can resale it if you dont like it.I will sell it for 75.00, you can e-mail me for more info at if you are interested.

Thanks, Skip

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