1.8 Outlaw radiator cap

Will an outlaw radiator cap off a 2015 wr450f fit my 2015 YZ450F? Or does someone know where I can get a 1.8 radiator cap with themp guage? Any help is appreciated.


Temp gauge no. But the cap should fit.

The cap fits good. It has a temp gauge on it too. Picked it up off ebay for 30$ I think. I hope the needle doesn't fall off. Only time will tell.

Hmm, I might have to try one of those. Why are you going 1.8? 

Running the bike a little warmer while the radiators are blocked off on the ice. Before it would boil right over and the engine wasn't up to temp after the cold air hit it, Now it will warm up a bit further and the engine will hit temp. Its fuel injected so when it wasn't hitting temp. It wasn't running right after a few laps with the cold air hitting the engine.  Another guy told me about it and it worked great.

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