Sprocket change. 14 & 51 to a 13 & 49

Looking to make bike a little less torque and a little faster on the top end.


What would going from a 14 tooth front 51 tooth rear to a 13 tooth front to a 49 tooth rear do?


2005 yz450f with a 4 gear transmission.

www.gearing commander.com 


14/51 is (not) LOWER gearing than 13/49



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Actually 13/49 (3.77) is shorter/lower than 14/51 (3.64) and will do the opposite of what you're after. Sounds like you're looking for less snap and a little more top speed. Dropping a tooth or two from the rear and maintaining the 14 front will get you there.

When I desert raced my 03 450 (4 speed) I was running 15/42 (2.80) which would still loft the front in 4th with ease and top out at 175kph (110mph).

Here i found a great solution, a gearing program :thumbsup:


Hope that helps

They left off 06 WR450. 

The guy I bought from gave me a box of old stuff. Theres a 15 and 44 in the box, used but will work for testing. What he put on it is 14/50. I'm getting 35 mpg now. I like the way it handles, it will do 75 on the hwy but still handle the slow technical stuff. I'd like to get a bit better gas mileage without losing the technical. Any suggestions?


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