Seems like Dunlop MX51 and now the MX52 are no longer available. found a front but no rears to be found 120/90/18. Recommendations?

I think most rears are 120/80, 130/80 Etc. and don't look at me. I only run IRC M5B 140/80x18's.

You might also describe the type of terrian.

You're going to get a lot of differing opinions on this subject.

That said, I have found Bridgestone M404 and 403 (or the 203 front) to be a really good all around tire, from hard rocky desert, to woods, to sand.

I just put a set of Michelin Starcross 5 soft terrain tires on my YZ and was really happy with them, although most tires are great when they're brand new.

I just sold my 2012 WR but i had a few sets of Michelin S12's that i liked for my area.

I use the Bridgestone 403-404 on my 250xc, a completely different ride but they hook up beautifully. I'll go with Rocker and try them on the WR. After riding 10 sets of Dunlops, Its going to be interesting to see the change.

Starcross 5 looks really nice and so far the front has absolutely zero wear after 5 hours and has performed really well from soft sand to concrete hard packed track

S12XC's on mine, but I believe there are better tires out there.

Shinko 520

+1 for the 140 width m5b. Its awesome.

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