Cheap Bar Risers!!!!!

<font color=yellow><center><h3>Here are a NEW version of bar risers. I thought to myself the other night while TT was down and I had been polishing off that 12pack of bud (shown on bench in another post) that ........why couldn't I just put my stock bar holders and put them between the 3clamp and the bars raising them up 15-17mm????

I could do this because of the Scotts bar clamp being used for holding the damper and bars.

Tell me what you think!</h3></center>





I don't know about you but I'd be replacing those cheezy bolts with some hi tensile replacments. If they bend or at worst break then you're in for alot of discomfort!

Just my 0.02c

(good cheap idea)

Originally posted by YZR426:

I don't know about you but I'd be replacing those cheezy bolts with some hi tensile replacments. If they bend or at worst break then you're in for alot of discomfort!

Just my 0.02c

(good cheap idea)


They are grade 8!!! :D

If they bend, then the rider has probably been KILLED! :D

Those are metric bolts right, so are they marked 8.8 on the head? If that is so it is a soft bolt because grade 8.8 metic is not the same as an SAE grade 8 with 6 radial marking lines on the head.



I went to a hardware store and could not find the right size so they sent someone back to get "this size" in grade 8. When they came back and handed me them I just trusted them and asked them what the 8.8 was and he told me that was the equivilent of the metric grade 8. :D

Thx again guys!

saved me a couple of broken ribs!


yesterday St. Patty's day 02' snowed like a B otch. but went riding anyway. I loved the new feel of the bars. Much less if NO arm pump! :D

I would try to find a 9.8 min. but would probably prefer 10.8

One thing to note:

By raising your bars straight up, you are effectively moving them back (toward rider) since the angle of the dangle is what it is...

Pretty good for a cheap mod if you don't mind having the bars closer though. Usually a tall rider who wants more height also wants to push forward also. My risers from thumperracing go up 1.5 and forward 1.? and I still feel like they could go forward further.

Major difference when standing!

Cool mod none the less.


I am 5'8 - 1/2" if i measure before the whoops of the day and 5'8" after a good hour of pounding whoops! so I like an open bike but short arms dont mind that it did probably move the bar ends back about 3mm but brought them UP about 15or 18mm closer to my bod.

Short ppl have to compensate for "some things"!!!!

And bald ppl have to .........Nevermind....I fit the qualifications for both!! :)


I've done the exact same mod. It works great! I'm tall at 6'2", I just rotated the bars slightly forward. Comfortable standing and sitting. And it was free!

BTW, you're Scotts mount is crooked. It needs to be perpendicular to the arm on the damper. Just an FYI.

That is what happens when you crash REALLY HARD!!!

the post is bent a little and I am afraid of bending back for fear of breaking!? :)



Yeah, I hear ya! Bending it back might just break it off for good.

FYI, I ordered and use the extended size pin from Scotts with the bar risers. It allows the pin to sit more than the prescribed minimum 14mm (i think?) down into the hole. It may have bent from the torque of not sitting at least 14mm down. Just a thought. They overcharge for the piece, though. I think I paid something stupid like $25 for this part.

my friend with a wr400 just bought a 520orange bike. He wanted to switch the scotts over to the orange bike but the top 3clamp is about 3/4 wider on the blue bike so the mount will not work.

He built one out of a 3/16 piece of aluminumiumum. beats the hell out of buying one from scotts for 50bucks! It is very strong an probably lighter. He just left the bar clamps on and put it on the back 2 bolts only. I will post pix if I get some. could save a lot of $$$ and very simple to do.


I got to ride the orange beast and it was pretty good but nothing like the 4HUN. .....2different bikes! :D goods and bads for both. The first thing I noticed about the 520 was how wide it is toward the front. The shrouds are part of the tank so it makes it wider.MXC. The power is SO linear I could not get used to it but very friendly!!! :) KTM does lots of trick stuff stock too! ProTaper/hydr clutch/wide footpegs/etc/etc :D

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