4 wheelers.

mikeolichney, Mike68 is in dire need of a vacation I think. This whole thing is a spoof to get some feathers ruffled. We need to get Mike out west and ride him into the ground. Translate(he needs a little attitude adjustment) IMO. Mike, this is an invitataion. Then maybe he can go back home and not be such a grump! :) Personally, I think we should limit access to wilderness areas to prevent environ whackos from reeking havoc on our serinity. :D

I would never shoot an operator unless provoked. Vacation in June and August. Til then, I guess I will remain grumpy.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :):D

You know I really HATE people who hate 4 wheelers!!!!!(HaHa, look at my signature, and add a Honda 250R three wheeler to that.I want to hear anybody say that a three wheeler is easy to ride!!)LOL



00 WZ400

01 Yamaha Raptor

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99 Yamaha Warrior




I'll jump in with my $.02....Most ATV do not have riding skills because you dont need them. You sit on the thing, push your thumb and go. And worst of all when they get stuck, instead of using their brain or skills they just hold the gas WIDE OPEN and dig big ruts that ruin trails!!!! I have heard MANY people around my area that see these ruts and say, "I think that those dirt bikes should be banned for doing this." I am ever quick to point out that the damage was caused by a ATV, not a dirt bike. If ATV riders would use ALOT of common sense,(minus the case of beer :)), and a little skill, other than the gas it, gas it, and when your stuck gas it somemore attitude, the world would be a much better place :D:D:D


Dave (Rodney) VanBrocklin,

Well said.

My wife and I just got back from riding a trail within an hour of our home. We both ride bikes this year, prior both she and my daughter rode Quads. When we pulled in the parking lot there were three bikes doing doughnuts in the lot - so rutted up one of my tiedowns came loose. Last October was the last time we had ridden this trail. We usually ride there 4-5 times a year as it is close to home. But last weekend this trail was used by the Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan. There were still signs posted from them that said "you may meet 500 riders". This trail is now a whooped up, rutted up, 40 miles of misery. Sorry, but I don't agree with those of you that claim the Quads are the ones tearing up the trails.

Oh Jake, tell me Bryan is BSing us? For shame :)

I've run into a couple of these things at rampart coming the other way. And I'm talking the big ones that take the whole trail. Man I hate that. I'm all for everyone getting out there and having fun but at least be cordial about it. And yes, it can be a stereotype but these things were made for hillbillies. OK, I'm kidding, please no harsh emails.

I've noticed the racing models showing up more and more at the tracks. And they throw up a boat load of dust. Added incentive not to let them pass you. As if the humilation wouldn't be enough.

Now come on Guys, You are doing exactly what people do to us, Stereotyping like crazy. If you don't think an ATV takes skill , then I invite you to come ride my Raptor, or my three wheeler. You can even ride my lowly 18 HP warrior, and see if you can do what all these brainless, no ability having riders can do. I love riding my WR400, I ride it the most out of any machine I have. But, my wife and I love our 4 wheelers too. You can NOT compare the two. I do not drink AT ALL. I do have quite a bit of common sense, as do the majority of people out there. I have seen as many idiots on 2 wheels as I have on 4. Don't get me wrong they are out there, but as the saying goes,"people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

I went to a ring spot in the Black Hills, and the owner wouldn't allow bikes out there, and still doesn't, because when he di the bike riders tore up his place.Those are his words not mine. So I guess the moral to my story is, "Can't we all just get along!!"


00 WZ400

01 Yamaha Raptor

99 Kawasaki ZRX1100

99 Yamaha Warrior

Rode saturday an didn't see one quad. I feel better now. Ward, you crack me up. Let me know when you drop a Caribu. I heard they are great eating. I was just curious as to how the rest of you feel about are 4 wheeled "relatives". Somewhat of a mixed bag. Glad to see none of you took it personal.

Originally posted by Bryan:

Hey did I tell you guys that Jake got passed by a quad last time we were going down Hacketts Gulch in Woodland Park.

I even forgot to dig him about it so please help me out here.

I've got some video of Jake nursing his WR along & getting passed by a group of nuns on mountain bikes!! :)

To be fair, this does imply that he was still ahead of me!

Hey Ward do you snowmobile? I figure if you own an atv and a wr you must own a sled. I am from montana and have been thinking of making a sleding trip up there. I have a 800rmk all piped out runs like a bat out of hell. Is it worth the trip? thanks for you input

The most important thing you are forgetting is that dirt bikes can ride steep and deep single track (unless your scared). I have yet to see a fourwheeler go up any of my favorite trails :) So if your riding with atv's it is by your choice!! QUITYABICHIN :D

motorsports rule,huge

Bytchin can be good for the soul. It may have just saved a four wheelers life :). Just kidding. What kind of elevation are you climbing? I haven't found any super long climbs. I have a bunch of short, 1/4 mile technical climbs but haven't found any super long ones yet. I probably will when I start venturing north more. Maine should have some.

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