clutch prob. please help

i have the 2000 yz426 n moving to the 2001 clutch. im going to change the last friction plate to the new version (y5jg-16321-0000), and to add the clutch boss spring (y5jg163830000) and the seat plate(y5jg163840000). is there something i have to remove from the old clutch to insert the seat plate n the clutch boss spring or i just have to add them n thats it?

i ordered hinson clutch basket, should i know anything special before i install it?

thanks ...

There is a problem when using the Hinson inner hub (I'm not referring to the clutch basket). The Hinson inner hub has a 360 deg. notch at the back part of the spindle (next to where the last clutch plate goes). They put in two, large diameter O-rings to fill the gap. I'm not sure if they did this (added O-rings) because they realized their hub wouldn't work properly with '01 and later "last" friction plate, or if there is some other reason. I'll be calling them for an explanation.

A couple of days ago, I was trying to adjust the clutch, (it had performed perfectly before this), but the tension would go from tight to loose as it sat there idling (all on it's own :) ). When I pulled the plates out, two large, broken O-rings fell out. When the O-rings broke, they allowed the '01 seat plate/clutch boss spring to slide into the gap, causing real funky clutch operation. I tossed the seat plate and clutch boss spring (2 of the 3 '01 parts) and just put the '01 final friction plate. I did 55 miles yesterday, and the clutch worked fine.

If you're using Hinson basket with the stock inner hub, the '01 parts should work fine.

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I don't understand why you had this problem. I have a Hinson basket and inner hub I installed the same time as the upgrade and haven't had any problems. The only adjustment problem I had (similar to what you described) was when I tried to use the 01 actuating rod and ball. They were too long and took away too much adjustment at the lever. I've had my clutch out many times just to check it and haven't seen any problems although I never noticed the two o-rings your referring to. Now you've got my curiosity up!

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The clutch performed perfectly after I installed the Hinson inner hub in August (until the past few days). I kept the '00 actuating rod.

If I hadn't look closely, I wouldn't have noticed the O-ring when I installed it (one ring sits on top of the other, so you can't see the bottom one, which is slightly smaller in diameter). It was almost the same dark color as the hub itself. You would have to remove all the plates to see the O-ring.

I'll contact Hinson to ask if they updated the hub, and why mine was this way in the first place. I wish I would have kept the receipt. :)

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hi holeshot,

so what do u reccomend? using only the 3 new 2001 parts and the hinson basket? or give a try to the hinson inner hub also? i didnt recieve the hinson basket but i think i saw in one of the messages that i have to do some fixing before i install it. do u know anything about it? or just to take the 2000 basket out n put the hinson instead?

holeshot, I would be interested to hear what Hinson has to say about it. I checked the box and paperwork that came with my inner hub and it's listed as a 2000-2001 part. Unfortunately my bike is not handy to tear into to look at it right now. Oh, and I also kept the 00 actuator rod.

gal, the Hinson basket is a fairly simple install. you have to swap the stock primary drive gear and springs (they're between the basket and drive gear) to to Hinson basket. The directions that come with the basket are pretty clear. No other modification should be necessary.

When the 426 first came out alot of guys had clearance problems with the Hinson basket and had to grind down the fastener heads that were supplied with the kit, but Hinson corrected this and there is no longer a clearance problem.

very interesting and typical manufacturer rhetoric! :) Thanks for the info. I'll be checking mine more often. :D

I called Hinson, explained the problem, and their reply was, "you're only the second person this has happened to". I went on to tell them that installed it at the end of August '01 - their reply, "Well, 7 or 8 months of hard use is pretty good, isn't it?"

I went on to tell them that the O-rings would only break if using the '01 seat plate/clutch boss spring, because these parts are free to move around against the O-ring, and eventually chew it up. He tried to suggest that I installed it wrong, but the clutch boss spring has the words "outside" stamped on it, so it was installed correctly. He agreed.

They said they would send me new O-rings free of charge (but I won't install them, and I'll also leave the seat plate/clutch boss spring out). Seems to work fine - for now.

They haven't changed the design of their inner hub.

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As an addendum to the Hinson clutch, JBM added an excellent tip to disengage the clutch(pull in the lever) for about 30 seconds before snicking the transmission into gear for the first time of the day. This little habit allows oil to get between the plates and pretty much elliminates the grabbiness. This works very well with a stock or aftermarket clutch.

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