Break in process with new top end...

Just rebuilt my top end on my 2004 yz450f. New high compression piston, stage 1 hot cams with all new gaskets and rings of course. Trying to find a break in process. Been thinking 4 hours easy riding, not to high RPMS or to low. Then change the oil. But that's only an idea. Anyone got anything else to help? Thanks for reading.

Ride it like you stole it from the get go. Done that with every bike, sled and atv if ever had..and there have been a lot of them. They've all run fantastic the whole time I owned them.

I would do about 5min of half throttle and ride it like you would everyday...

Thank you guys. Just making sure I'm good to go. Still gonna change out the oil after the 1st ride.

Ive always used motomans 25 mile procedure.

Never had an issue using this break in

I always cut the first filter open and see whats inside also.

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I would do the first oil change at an hour or two. You will find lots of metal in the break in oil.

Second is always let the engine warm up thoroughly. Especially with a forged piston. Different metals expand at different rates and you want everything to seat properly.

Dont let the bike overheat

Personally, i would also avoid overreving (ie downshifting by accident while at high rpm and the back tire doesnt skid) and rev limiter bounces if at all possible till your sure its broken in.

(from here is mostly opinion:)

Last is Avoid constant rpm for long periods of time.

Unless you race the bike and change the piston at the manufacturers recommendations it doesnt hurt to take a little precaution to make sure the engine lasts as long as possible

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