Valve adjust probs


located in CT- sea level

approx 43 degrees F

2001 XR650

"O" carb isulator

170 main

68s pilot

B53E needle looks like B53F

air box pieces removed

HRC tip


Can't start

can't get feeler guage to fit in slot. Is it possible thngs are that tight?

Is this the correct placement for the feeler guage?


Is this how the valves look @TDC? I'm on the "T" mark, but everything is locked up. Arms will not move.


First, get yourself some Motion Pro feeler gauges that are bent. They fit sooo much nicer and are easier to use because of their bend & short length. You can usually find them at your local Honda dealer or aftermarket parts store. Here's a link to a picture of them.

Make sure your bike is at TDC on the compression stroke. Also make sure your auto decompressor isn't engaged, otherwise your bike won't run right or may not start if you try to adjust the valves with it engaged. Check out this article with pictures, which might help you out. Standard feeler gauges will work, but once you've tried the Motion Pro's, you'll wonder why you didn't buy them sooner.

Just an observation, but I always clean the BRP and then spray WD-40 over the head and make sure everything is shiny clean before removing the valve covers.

My guess is that you are TDC on the exhaust stroke instead of the compression stroke.

When was the last time you had it running? What did your bike sound like the last time it was running? Any valve noise? Slapping, normal or very quiet?

Did you make any changes (I.e rejetting or new handlebars) just before your bike stopped running. New handlebars may have caused rerouting of the decompression cable.

What have you already checked as probable causes?

Needsprayer, if the decomp. cable is routed wrong couldn't he just put alot of slack on it and be alright? I changed my bars and you've got me thinking about that. What if...yah know?..More slack is better I would guess? no pull on the valvles.


I am just throwing out possibilites to consider. Don't really have enough info to help. I have heard of decompression cable routing problems, but have not experienced them myself. When I put risers on the stock triple clamp I checked for binding.

I am ready to install my GPR v2 stabilizer and Tag SX Hi handlebars (just finished filing the casting protrusions on the frame). I will check again for cable play (possible binding from stop to stop) when I am done. The new setup may require rerouting of cables.

The beauty of TT and the XR650R Yahoo Group is that you can avoid problems by learning from others' experiences. :)

dude, if you have the bike at TDC compression stroke with the mark lined up, then Even if the valves are adjusted right, you should still be able to move the rocker arm up and down a little bit, there should be a small amount of play there.

So, if you have it TDC compression stroke, mark lined up, the feeler should slide right in no prob. Otherwise someone has jacked with it and got it too tight. If so just re-set them to the correct tolerances. And buy a pre-bent feeler guage they are much easier to use.

Good luck with it man. Oh yeah, to prevent junk from falling into the engine, it's a good idea to clean all the dirt off the engine before you take anything off. (I see dirt all over the mating surface of the valve cover, which will cause problems)

hey guys,

a few more things, got good blue spark, pilot 2.75 turns out from seated. I'm pretty sure I had it @ TDC, as the arms moved about a 1/16'' up and down. Here a strange thing, now when pushing kickstarter, I get resistence almost every kick. It's almost like hitting TDC constantly. I did move the comprelease the other day, I looked at the small arm and it seems to be going all the way down. Is it adjustable? think I goofed the valve adjust. I'm using intake .006 and exhaust .008. Correct?


That sounds right .006 intake .008 exhaust. The exhaust valves should be fine if it's low mileage. The intakes tighten up every 500-600 miles or so. From my experiences anyway. If someone goofed your valves badly then that could be your constant tension on the kickstarter. I have no issues using regular feelers with my pig.

Should I check my valves ? It starts 1-2 kicks and purrs like a kitten. I've disassembled, cleaned, and greased everything from the ground up and it's spotless. It'd be a good time to do it but it runs/sounds so good I'm afraid to mess with it.



All depends Brian. Mine is still within the "break in" period. I only have about 1,000 miles on her. I just adjusted them this weekend and only the intake valves were a bit tight. I'd check them if I were you, just for peace of mind. The intakes I can bet are a little tight.

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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